Acupuncture is an ancient folk medicine that we today mostly credit china, but is most likely to have been practised in many traditional cultures.

The acupuncture we practice we practice today is rested upon the full bodies system of Chinese medicine. The root philosophy of Chinese medicine comes from observation and an understanding of the natural world around us. These principles are then applied to our internal environment. We then understand that we are comprised of 5 element. Each 5 elements has different manifestations and correspondences inside our body and the whole aim is to make sure these elements are balanced, so the body optimally can adapt to any situation.

In acupuncture we use needles to manipulate the meridians – energy lines - that runs through the body. If there is too much energy or stagnation we unblock and drain and if there is a lack of energy we tone up ands strengthen.

Acupuncture is bases on a holistic approach and therefor no matter what symptom you present with I will make an effort to analyse the whole condition of your body/being? So that we might get the best and most long lasting results.

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